It isn't Christmas without Light Decorations

Let's be honest, It never really feels like Christmas until you walk around your neighborhood with lights draped over rooftops, sparkling trees, and glowing elves (yes, them too). We'll give your home a Christmas makeover with our home light installation services throughout Portland Oregon and beyond. Let us help make your decoration ideas into reality.

Christmas lights can look a daunting task to set up. Climbing up your roofs on a cold day is not something you probably look forward to, especially the shaky ladder and repairing those short bulbs. Let our professional holiday light installation staff handle all of that for you, while you look over with a cup of hot cocoa or maybe some eggnog. From burnt-out bulbs to different design ideas we've got it all covered.

From simple rooftop decorations or elegant roofline with glowing ornaments (maybe even a Santa sled) to something a little more custom-designed, get everything you need with Happy Holiday Lighting to become the envy of your neighborhood.

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How do We set up your Residential Christmas Light Decorations

You may be wondering how we go about setting up your long-awaited Christmas decorations so here's a detailed look at the whole process of which you, the client, are the central piece.


It starts with you, our residential Christmas decorating service takes all of your suggestions into account on our FREE Consultation where we discuss and exchange ideas that would help make your home the center of your neighbors’ attention (oh and the Christmas Spirit too).
We design a light display custom fit to your home. After that, we’ll wait on your approval to continue

Installation & Maintenance:

With over 10+ years of experience installing Christmas lights across Portland Oregon, we are prepared to satisfy your installation and maintenance requirements across the whole project.
Once you modify and approve your custom light design, we install our commercial-grade C9 bulbs, clip by clip, in any color of your Viagra bestellen liking. This results in a stunning display of color, tradition, and the vibes of the holiday season.

It does not matter how complex your roofline may be, we have the ability to cut our lights or take a bulb out wherever we’d see fit. Once we cut the lights we install a male or female plug to continue our light display. We then make a custom extension cord to the next spot on the roof, giving you the most customized design possible.

We'll not only handle the installation but maintenance of our lights as well. No unexpected storm or fused bulbs will now stop you from spending quality time with your family during Christmas. Leave those pesky details to us and we'll make sure that our Christmas light set up is up to your high expectations.


What’s a truly annoying and frankly tiring aspect of setting up Christmas lights around your home, is getting up those ladders to take them off. With Happy Holiday Lighting, you don't have to worry about that at all. After Christmas, we come by on the 1st of January to remove all of our decorations so that you won’t have to dirty your hands post the holidays.

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